Sale and repair of industrial radio control units

In Hidrarel we specialize in the sale of industrial radio control units, as well as in their repair.

Thanks to remote control units, the operator can remotely control different types of machinery, such as overhead cranes, hoists, jib cranes ,platforms... The remote control system offers greater maneuverability and greater safety in the operation of machinery.

Their operation is based on the sending of commands through buttons, switches, pushbuttons, etc. depending on the model of the remote control unit used. The receiver receives and interprets this information to carry out the requested operation. For greater safety, the equipment has an assigned channel, which means that the information will only reach the appropriate receiver.

Different emission frequencies can be used, although in the manufacture of remote controls, some frequencies should be avoided, as they are used by other devices. This guarantees the absence of interference and a higher quality and safety of transmission between the transmitter and the receiver.

Many industrial sectors (and also non-industrial, such as the agricultural sector) benefit from the use of radio control units. For this reason, they must be very versatile to be compatible in different fields. use of radio control controls. For this reason, they must be very versatile to be compatible in different areas.

Industrial radio control units are commonly used in harsh industrial environments, so their main characteristics must be robustness and resistance.

To guarantee these qualities, these radio control units are made with materials that ensure maximum resistance to shocks, falls, and liquid spills

In our company, we sell different types of industrial radio control units, adapted to the different needs of each company. If you also need to repair your radio control unit,we have a specialized professional repair service.

Sale of radio control units throughout Spain

Hidrarel is located in Zaragoza, but we offer our radio control equipment sales service throughout Spain, both on the mainland and on the islands.

To ensure the best service to our clients, we have a team of professionals specialized in all types of remote controls, who can advise you, in a personalized way, on the best options on the market for the specific needs of your company.

Through our phone or contact form, you can request more information and details, as well as place your order comfortably.

Repair of equipment and radio control units

Although radio control equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is very robust, the truth is that sometimes they are not exempt from breakdowns.

Therefore, and with the aim of offering all our customers a more complete service, we have a repair service for industrial radio control devices. In addition, the equipment has two button panels, one of which is a spare.

This service is made up of technicians specialized in this type of equipment, capable of detecting and solving any malfunction.

We repair different models of radio control devices, with all the guarantees

Do not hesitate to request more information without obligation.