Lightweight profile installations

We carry out installations of lightweight profiles for all those industries that require a simple and flexible load mobility system, but at the same time optimize their capabilities and production times.

What is the lightweight profile installation?

This is a modular system that is easier to install and allows the movement of objects weighing up to 1500 kilos.

As it is a modular system, it is possible to adapt the installation more precisely to the needs of the company. In addition, it can be expanded in different phases as the load displacement needs change or increase.

Some of the characteristics of lightweight profile installations are:

Easy assembly

Adaptable for installations with limited height or different types of ceiling

Reduced design and weight

–Require minimal maintenance

–Even though they are simpler and less heavy installations, they offer high reliability, as they are formed by strong structures

Image gallery

Installation of semi-gantry cranes


01. Installation with multiple overhead cranes


02. Overhead crane for small loads


03. Lightweight profile installations


04. Lightweight profile installations

¿When is the use of lightweight profile installations recommended?

This type of lightweight profile installation can cover a wide variety of needs. For example:

They are of great help for those installations that require a constant and fast flow of objects and materials, such as in warehouses.

Being modular, they are more flexible when it comes to adapting to all types of installations, no matter how the space is, both in capacity and height.

If needs, such as production flow, change, lightweight profile installations can adapt more quickly to these changes.

In short, lightweight profile systems offer an auxiliary system for the company to lift and move heavy loads (up to 1500 kilos) with multiple applications for all types of industry.

Therefore, they are recommended for all those companies that require the handling of loads quickly and with high reliability, such as logistics or production companies.

At Hidrarel we design and manufacture fully customized lightweight profile installations for each client.