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Spreaders and lifting accessories

At Hidrarel we have a large quantity of Spreaders and lifting accessories for all types of uses. We sell throughout Spain and for all types of industries.

Due to the fact that each industry has specific requirements regarding the movement of loads, there is a wide range of spreaders, among which you can choose the most suitable for what you need:

– Single girder.
– Double lifting Spreader
– Cross-shaped Spreader.
– H-shaped lever hoists (normal and double).
– Semi-lever hoists.
– With offset load.
– With the possibility of double hoisting.
– With permanent magnets.
– With multiple hooks.
– Claws.
– C-shaped hooks.
– Coil lifters

Image gallery

Our spreaders and lifting accessories


01. Fixed and adjustable single girder spreader


02. Fixed and adjustable H-shaped spreaders


03. 3 and 5 ton H-spreader


04. Cross and double H spreader


05. Suspended H-spreader


06. Adjustable single girder spreader


07. Semi-spreader in H


08. Adjustable H-shaped Semi-spreader

rocker arms-lower-and-upper-pulleys-900x675

09. Semi spreader with upper and lower pulleys


10. Spreader with load-shifting and motorized rotation


11. Semi-spreader for cradles and monorails


12. Spreader with the possibility of double hoisting and with multiple hooks


13. Spreader with hook, with permanent magnets and adjustable with claws.

rocker arms-for-fixed-die-with-arms-and-with-turning-pulleys-900x675

14. Fixed spreader for dies, with arms and turning pulleys.


15. C-hooks for strapping coils and drawers

solid C-hook-and-claw-for-sheet-packages-900x675

16. Solid C-hook and claw for sheet bundle


17. Tool for Cable Reels and Coil Lifter with Slings.


18. Coil Lifter with rocker and claw for Rounds


19. hooks and several tools


20. Spreader for sacks at reduced heights


21. Special lifting beam for sacks

Spreaders for loads

Thanks to these spreaders (also called load lifting tools), the process of lifting all types of loads is facilitated. They have multiple uses for all types of industries.

The spreaders act as an intermediate piece between the crane hook and the load. They are mainly used to lift those loads whose center of gravity is, for example, on one side or those that cannot be directly placed on the hook and require specific fastening.

The spreader would be responsible for distributing the lifting forces so that they are balanced.

Thanks to load equalizer, parts can be lifted and transported with greater safety and reliability.

Lifting accessories

There are a multitude of different objects that need to be transported. Each of them has a very different volume, weight, and shape, which is why it is sometimes necessary to use lifting accessories. These accessories are specifically designed to lift specific types of loads, such as coils, sheets, pipes, containers, etc.

In order to move certain loads safely and quickly, it is necessary to have lifting beams and specific lifting accessories for these types of objects.

To meet the needs of any type of industry, our company specializes in overhead cranes and all their components, and we offer our clients a wide range of spreaders and all types of accessories for lifting objects.

You can consult with our specialists about all the options available to you.