Jib crane installation

One of the professional services we offer at Hidrarel,is the installation of jib crane as well as the manufacturing of it.

There is a wide variety of these types of arms, making them very versatile when it comes to installing them in all types of companies, regardless of their sector.

¿What are jib cranes?

Jib cranes are simple machines, especially when compared to overhead cranes, used to move and lift lighter loads that do not require a high degree of precision.

They are made up of a support and a rotating arm. The support can be made of different materials and its main function, in addition to holding the rotating arm, is to provide the necessary height for movement.

The rotating arm allows the movement and rotation of the load, always within a delimited radius. This radius will be delimited by the surrounding structures themselves, as well as the company's needs, and can be up to 360 degrees.

The structure of the Jib crane is simpler, allowing for easier installation in all types of industries: automotive, logistics, naval, textile, food, etc.

Jib Crane can be of two main types: manual or electric, with the electric Jib crane being the most comfortable for users since no effort is required.

Image gallery

Installation of semi-gantry cranes

Rotating-arm-Hydrarel_0008_Layer-1-900x675 (2)

01. Column-mounted jib crane


02. Column-mounted lightweight jib crane


03. Lightweight column-mounted jib crane


04. Manual column-mounted jib crane


05. Column-mounted jib crane


06. . Motorized column-mounted jib crane


07. Manual column-mounted jib crane


08. Lightweight column-mounted jib crane


09. 360º column-mounted jib crane

Specialists in Jib cranes

At Hidrarel, we have manufactured and installed different types of jib crane, such as:

Column-mounted jib crane: using this structural component of the building as the support for the vertical axis of the arm.

Lightweight profile Jib crane: the best solution for smaller spaces where large machines cannot be installed. It is also ideal when the load to be moved is not too heavy or bulky.

We can also install both manual and motorized jib crane, depending on the needs of each customer.

Jib crane for hoist

The jib crane, in addition to having a support and a rotating arm as main parts, is usually complemented with ahoist, where the load to be handled is placed.

At Hidrarel, you can choose your jib crane equipped with electric cable or chain hoists. We choose these types of hoists because they offer great reliability and durability.

As installers of jib cranes, as well as manufacturers, we are able to control the entire process, from design and conception to installation.

Thanks to our specialists, we can plan and install the jib cranetailored to cover all the needs of your company, adapting to the available space.

Jib cranes can be a great help in all kinds of industries where it is necessary to move loads and objects with the greatest reliability and safety, without making great efforts.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how this machinery can help you in your daily work and how we work to make it possible.