Radio control units FLEX series


The FLEX Series radio control controls combine cutting-edge technology with reliability and security, guaranteeing the user a precise and safe control of industrial equipment and machinery.


They are equipped with 32-bit microprocessors with ultra-fast and accurate encoding and decoding, I-CHIP memory for transmitting information from one transmitter to another, durable buttons with gold-plated contacts, and a sturdy and solid case to ensure durability and resistance.


Other advantages of the FLEX Series units include low power consumption, the possibility of tandem operation, pre-installed output cables, compliance with national and international standards, conformity certificate to the European Directive 1999/5/CE, and a transmission distance of 100 meters. In addition, their design allows for a wide variety of power supply voltages, both AC and DC.

The technical features of the FLEX series

–62 self-programmable channels
– Advanced controls with 32-bit microprocessor, providing ultra-fast, accurate, secure, and error-free encoding and decoding.
I-CHIP memory. Similar to SIM cards in mobile phones, allows transferring system information and codes from one transmitter to another without the need for equipment readjustment.
– Durable buttons with gold-plated contacts, capable of withstanding more than a million presses. Its good sensitivity allows for efficient and safe operation, even when wearing gloves.
Reliable and safe. Its design and use of reliable components give the system a safety category 3 according to UNE-EN954-1 standard.
– Low power consumption, the transmitter only requires two AA batteries. Optional battery charger available.
– Resistant and sturdy housings made of a highly breakage and deformation-resistant nylon and fiberglass compound. IP-66 protection. Waterproof and resistant to acids, greases, and oils.
–Tandem operation possible. This function allows the user to simultaneously control two devices with a single control panel through a three-position selector A/B/A+B.
Pre-installed output cables on all receivers.s
–Compliance with the most demanding national and international standards for reliability and safety (FCC Part-15 Rules, EMC, R&TTE, Industry Canada Specifications-IC).
–Compliance certificate to European Directive 1999/5/CE (RD 1980/2000) and incorporation of CE marking with the number of the European notified body.
Transmission distance of 100 meters.
Diversity of power supply voltages, both AC and DC.


These features make the FLEX Series one of the best options for controlling industrial equipment and machinery.

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FLEX Series Models


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