Gantry and semi-gantry crane

Based on the characteristics of the warehouse, as well as the needs of the company, different types of cranes can be installed: gantry cranes, mobile gantry cranes or semi-gantry cranes.

To decide which one best suits the client's needs, it is important to conduct a detailed prior study. Our crane installation experts can assist you in this task. Our experts in crane bridge installation can help you with this said work.

Installation of gantry cranes

At Hidrarel, we carry out the installation of gantry cranes, a special type of crane characterized by its high load capacity, as well as greater maneuverability in the movement of all types of objects.

We carry out fully customized gantry crane installations, adapted to the characteristics of the available installation, as well as to the manufacturing, storage and distribution processes.

Features and utility

Gantry cranes have a shape similar to a gate, hence their name.

Gantry cranes are made up of legs and a beam that moves on rails, usually anchored to the ground. This design allows objects to be moved with greater freedom of movement throughout the installation. In addition to being installed in all types of warehouses, the use of this type of crane is also common in outdoor facilities.

Gantry-type cranes have a high load capacity, which varies depending on their components and the hoist installed on the top beam.

Given the characteristics of these cranes, it is common to see gantry cranes in ports, as they are commonly used for handling large and heavy cargo containers.

Among the different varieties of cranes, it is also important to mention the mobile gantry crane. This is a crane with similar characteristics to a gantry crane in terms of design, but it can also move from one point to another because no component is fixed to the ground. These cranes are more limited in terms of transport capacity in volume and load, but very useful in helping operators handle heavy objects.

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Installation of semi-gantry cranes


01. Installation of semi-gantry cranes


02. Crane with rotating trolley


03. Exterior semi-gantry crane

Installation of semi-gantry cranes

Our specialists are also responsible for the installation of semi-gantry cranes, a type of crane that is significantly different from gantry cranes. Its installation can be carried out both indoors and outdoors.

The design and installation of this type of semi-gantry crane is also carried out taking into account the operations that must be carried out in the company.

Features and utility

Semi-gantry cranes are commonly installed in warehouses where it is not necessary to move objects throughout the entire space, or in installations where, due to their characteristics, the installation of a bridge crane is not possible.

Their basic design consists of one end, usually anchored to the wall, and the other on the ground. They tend to be more economical compared to other systems.

This limits the capacity to transport the load to a specific area, making it common to use them, for example, in production lines or where internal logistics processes need to be carried out.

Depending on their characteristics, semi-gantry cranes can also have a high load capacity, both in terms of volume and weight of the objects to be transported.

The choice between installing a gantry crane or a semi-gantry crane will depend on various factors such as the day-to-day operations, the need to transport bulky and/or heavy objects, as well as the characteristics of the warehouse itself.

At Hidrarel, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.