Radio control units ECO Series


The ECO Series radio control units can be used to control a wide variety of industrial equipment, such as overhead cranes, hoists , jib cranes platforms, and other types of machinery.


These radio control devices have exceptional durability and resistance, making them ideal for use in all types of applications. The ergonomic, compact, and lightweight design easily adapts to the system configuration. Remote wireless pairing with remote wireless synchronization allows for easy installation.


The ECO system uses advanced dual microprocessor controls with 32-bit CRC and Hamming code, providing ultra-fast, secure, precise, and error-free encoding and decoding.


The optional TAC card, which uses RFID technology, provides additional security by allowing certain functions of the push-button pendants/transmitters to be limited based on who is using them (with our programmer, you can configure a TAC for a specific user with more enabled functions or multiple TACs for multiple users each with different enabled functions). The ECO Series radio control system also informs the receiver about the status of the transmitter to provide additional information to the operator. This information is transmitted wirelessly.


In addition, the tandem operation capability allows for flexible control of multiple devices, allowing an operator to control two cranes simultaneously through an A/B/A+B selector switch.

– Ergonomic, compact, and lightweight.
– Durable and resistant.
– Wireless remote synchronization.
– Sealed housings (IP66/NEMA4).
–Wireless remote pairing.
– Unique supports for the receiver.
– Transmitter access card (TAC).
– Receiver status reports.


These technical features make the ECO Series radio control units an ideal solution for controlling industrial equipment and machinery.

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ECO Series Models


01. ECO 4X


02. ECHO 6X


03.ECHO 8X


04. ECHO 12X