Components of Balkancarpodem


Hidrarel makes available to its customers all kinds of components from Balkancarpodem. This is a brand of recognized international prestige, which provides a wide variety of machinery for handling and storage of products for all types of industries.

Balkancarpodem is one of the world's leading suppliers of electric hoists cranes, and various storage machinery.

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The machinery from Balkancarpodem has a wide range of applications in various material handling operations in the industry and agriculture. They are used in different operating conditions in warehouses and as complete units for independent lifting systems:

– Single and double girder suspension cranes

– Floor cranes

Light-duty cranes

All necessary components such as trolleys, translation wheels block, etc. are also available.

Balkancarpodem has various quality certificates such as:

TÜV CERTIFICATION: which guarantees the safety, quality, and usability of the components.

BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems.

This guarantees, in an impartial and independent manner, the quality of the products provided.

Wire rope hoists and spare parts from the T, MT, and MC series

01. Low headroom monorail wire hoist

02. Articulated Monorail Wire Rope Hoist

03. Suspended underframe wire rope hoist

04. Sectional wire rope hoist model MT

05. Hoist for suspended installation under double rail trolley (crab)

06. Double girder wire rope hoist for minimum spaces on bridge girder

07. Wire rope hoist for double girder overhead crane

08. wire rope hoist

09. Small Size Adaptable Wire Rope Hoist

10. Small Size Wire Rope Hoist

11. Trolley for double girder overhead crane with two hoists

12. Hoist with conical rotor for lifting gates

13. Hoist for double girder overhead crane

14. Brake fans

15. Pinion Trolley

16. Travel gearbox

17. Silentblocks

18. Lifting & Hoisting Gearboxes

19. Bridge crane and trolley drive gearboxes

20. Brake pads with Ferodo

21. lifting hooks

22. cable guide rings

23. Couplings

Chain hoists and spare parts from the BYC, EB, and MB series

01. Chain hoists BYC

02. Chain hoist EB

03. Chain hoist BYC and BC

04. Chain Hoist Spare Parts

05. Chain Hoist Spare Parts

06. Spare engines

The official distributor of Balkancarpodem in Spain

The pursuit of the highest quality in the installation of overhead cranes has led us to seek out the best suppliers.

Therefore, Hidrarel is the official distributor of most of Balkancarpodem's components in Spain, mainly cable and chain hoists and their spare parts. This is due to the high quality of its components and the versatility they offer us when facing any type of crane installation and storage systems in all kinds of factories and industries.

Thanks to this strategic collaboration, we can offer all our customers the best products on the market.