FLEX 2 Series radio remote controls


The FLEX 2 Series of radio remote controls is the latest advancement in RF technology. It is equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor to provide ultra-fast, secure, accurate, and error-free encoding and decoding. The RF transceiver features frequency hopping to find and lock onto a free and uninterrupted channel, and its two-way communication system allows for information to be sent and received between the transmitter and receiver.


Another unique feature is the built-in Zero-G Sensor, which protects the crane or equipment from unintentional use when the transmitter is dropped. Additionally, the wireless remote pairing function allows data to be transferred wirelessly between transmitters.


The durable buttons have gold-plated contacts to withstand a million presses, ensuring effective and safe handling. Additionally, power consumption is low, as the transmitter only requires two "AA" batteries for over 100 hours of use.


Finally, the housings are made of nylon and fiberglass to resist breakage and deformation, meeting UL94-V0 rating for the receiver and IP66 for the transmitter. Moreover, all systems in the FLEX 2 Series are fully compliant with FCC Part-15 rules and European safety standards.

Technical feature of FLX 2 Series

–62 self-programmable channels.
–Advanced controls with a 32-bit microprocessor.
–RF transceiver with frequency hopping. The system automatically searches and locks onto a free and uninterrupted channel at startup or during operation when it encounters interference.
– Built-in Zero-G sensor.
– Wireless remote pairing function.
–Durable buttons with gold-plated contacts that can withstand over a million presses
–Low power consumption.
–Durable nylon and fiberglass housings. The receiver housing and output cables are UL94-V0 rated. The transmitter housing is IP66 rated.
– Standards compliance. All systems are fully compliant with FCC Part-15 rules and European safety standards.


These technical features make the FLEX 2 Series radio remote control ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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FLEX 2 series equipment


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