Installation of Overhead Cranes

One of our main services is the installation of crane bridges.

At Hidrarel,we are also manufacturers, so we are the ones who know our products best and the best way to install them, regardless of the sector for which they are intended.

Installations adapted to all types of industrial clients

Overhead cranes are very versatile machines, and therefore, different types of industries can benefit from their use.

As overhead crane manufacturers, we offer different solutions for all types of industrial sectors: steelmaking, automotive, construction, metalworking... Our installations will adapt to any circumstance.

Taking into account that each industry has specific characteristics and needs, we carry out a customized crane bridge installation for each client. Do not hesitate to contact us about all the possibilities.

Image gallery

Installation of semi-gantry cranes


01. Suspended monorail overhead crane


02. Telescopic monorail overhead crane


03. Monorail Supported Overhead Crane


04. Overhead crane with telescopic blade mast


05. Heavy Suspended Monorail Overhead Crane


06. Suspended monorail overhead crane


07. Telescopic overhead crane


08. Special porticoed monorail overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane with double rotating carriage

09. Special double carriage rotating overhead crane

Characteristics and operation of crane bridges

The crane bridge is a special machine that allows the transport and lifting of different types of loads in a specific space. The movement of these loads can be carried out both horizontally and vertically.

Parts of a crane bridge

Its main structure is formed by posts on which two elevated rails are supported. In the most modern installations, the buildings are equipped with brackets on which the elevated rails are placed, which is known as a suspended crane bridge. A main beam is supported on these rails. On top of this, a motorized trolley equipped with a hoist is placed, which will move and lift the loads that are incorporated.

The trolley is responsible for horizontal movement and the hoist for vertical movement.

Thanks to the load capacity of the crane bridge, it is possible to move, in a predetermined space, heavy loads and bulky objects, which means a gain in operability, speed, and comfort.

The crane bridge can be operated in three ways

– Control cabin

– Remote control via cabling

– Wireless remote control, being the most comfortable

Crane bridges can be adapted to the characteristics of the space where they will be located, offering great versatility for many types of industries.

Types of crane bridge

There are different types of crane bridges, although there are two main ones: single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.

The single girder overhead crane has a single load-bearing beam, so its structure is simpler and lighter. Single girder overhead cranes can support less weight compared to double girder cranes. This weight limit will also depend on the type of installation structure.

The double girder overhead crane has a main structure with two beams, which allows for a considerable increase in its load capacity. Not only that, but also its speed. The double beam also offers more precision in load movements and greater stability for it.

This type of overhead crane is intended for larger installations where it is necessary to handle large volumes of load.

In addition to these two most common types of overhead cranes, the suspended overhead crane should also be mentioned. When the structure of the building is more complicated or there is not enough height, this type of overhead crane installation can be chosen.

In this type of machinery, the rail beams are attached to the transverse beams of the building itself, instead of the characteristic pillars of other types of overhead cranes.

Its main characteristic is that it requires less space, so it can make better use of the width of the building where it is installed.

In addition, it is possible to connect several suspended cranes at a given time to cover more space of movement for the hoist.

Thanks to our overhead crane installation service, you will have the best solution for handling and moving large loads. Consult us about all possible options.