Accessories for bridge cranes and hoists

At Hidrarel, you can acquire all the accessories you need for your ovearhead crane or Hoist.

Given our specialization in the installation and sale of spare parts for bridge cranes, we have access to a wide catalog of all types of components and spare parts. We distribute accessories for all types of industries throughout Spain.

The proper functioning of the system is key, so it is important to acquire quality accessories, such as those we offer. Accessories for bridge cranes and hoists with high reliability.

– Brake discs.
– End carriages.
– Trolleys
– Power supply electrical lines.
– Curtains
– Limit switches.
– Load cells and weighing hooks.
– Pendant pushbuttons
– Grabs and slings
– Mechanical load limiters.
– Electronic load limiters.
– Electrical control panels.
– Emergency stop buttons.
– Steel lifting chain for hoists

Image gallery

Kits and components for bridge cranes and hoists


01. End carriages for bridge cranes


02. End trucks for bridge cranes


03. End trucks for bridge cranes


04. End trucks for suspended cranes


05. Limit switch


06. weighing hook


07. Hanging pendant control station


08. Emergency Mushrooms


09. Mechanical and electronic load limiters


10. Maximum mechanical load limiter


11. Interior of electrical control panel


12. Closed double-door electrical control panel and interior of electrical control panel


13. Power supply electrical lines


14. Ferodos

We sell both kits and individual components for your bridge crane, such as:

End carriages and endtruck for bridge cranes: these are key parts for the bridge crane as they are responsible for keeping the bridge beams together, which is essential for normal movement. We have them available for both bridge cranes and suspended cranes.

Limit switches: allows installation in bridge cranes and hoists and its function is to control their movements and prevent unwanted impacts during carriage travel.

weighing hooks: allows us to weigh the heaviest loads comfortably and reliably. It provides a more reliable system for calculating the actual weights of objects.

Mechanical and electronic load limiters: essential for preventing breakdowns and accidents due to overload in bridge cranes and hoists.

Electronic components: such as power supply electrical lines, pendant pushbuttons, and electrical control panels.

When buying accessories for bridge cranes and hoists, choose the best quality. We have a wide variety of top-quality spare parts available for you. Do not hesitate to consult your needs with our experts.