Maintenance, periodic review, repair, marking and packaging of PPE against falls from height.

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The UNE-EN 365:2005 standard specifies the minimum general requirements for the instructions for use, maintenance, periodic inspection, repair, marking, and packaging of fall protection personal protective equipment (PPE).

These inspections must be carried out at least every 12 months by competent persons, strictly following the inspection procedures indicated by the manufacturer.

At HIDRAREL, we carry out PPE inspections quickly and with guarantees, and we take care of sending damaged or worn PPE to the factory or our "approved workshops" for refurbishment or repair if necessary.

At HIDRAREL, we offer the following services:

Fall protection PPE inspection at the facilities or workplaces by our own technicians.

Fall protection PPE inspection at our central office by our technicians (you just need to send them).

Training courses for workers to enable them to verify, control, or inspect PPE according to EN 365 standard in the client's own facilities. (For companies in which the equipment wears out quickly or its functionality is reduced).