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Maintenance of overhead cranes.

Thanks to the great team of experts that make up our company, we can offer a bridge crane maintenance service so that you can always have your machinery in working order.

The maintenance we offer includes both preventive maintenance, which helps us reduce the chances of machinery failure, and corrective maintenance, which requires our intervention once a breakdown has occurred.

Overhead cranes revision

The proper functioning of the overhead crane p is crucial for the company to carry out all its processes smoothly.

Because of this, it is essential to maintain all machinery and each of its parts properly. Regular inspections of the overhead crane will not only help to prevent unexpected breakdowns but also prolong the lifespan of the machinery. Let's not forget that the safety of workers also depends on the proper functioning of the overhead crane.

During the inspection and maintenance of an overhead crane, each of its components must be evaluated, such as beams, rails, trolley, hoist, etc. After all, it is a machine that is exposed to intensive use and the handling of heavy loads, which makes it susceptible to wear and tear on some of its parts.

The inspection of overhead cranes must be carried out by specialized operators with knowledge and experience in this type of machinery and its operation. They should be aware of all maintenance tasks that need to be performed.

Moreover, inspections should be done with such regularity that any potential issues can be prevented before they occur.

Current regulations for maintenance and review of overhead cranes

Both the installation, assembly, and maintenance of overhead cranes, as well as the training of operators, must comply with current legislation in this matter.

These regulations are specifically:

UNE 58132-5:1994: Lifting tools. Calculation rules. Part 5: Choice of electrical equipment.

UNE 58144/1:1997: Suspended load lifting tools. Inspections. Part 1: General.

Royal Decree 842/2002: Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation.

In addition, regarding work equipment:

Royal Decree 1215/1997: Use of work equipment.

Likewise, compliance with the technical prevention notes (NTP) must be met.

NTP 736: Bridge-type cranes (I): Generalities - It describes the types, characteristics, parameters, operations, and stakeholders related to bridge cranes, the main risks, the required safety devices, and prevention measures in design, assembly, use, and maintenance.

NTP 738: Assembly, installation, and maintenance of bridge cranes - This technical prevention note describes the conditions for safe use of bridge cranes and other types of similar cranes.

Regarding the safe use of bridge cranes, it must be considered that they must be operated by trained and experienced operators, as well as accredited by the company for this purpose.

To do this, note NP 737 must be considered, which describes the use and training of crane operators, as well as maneuvering personnel and areas supplied by cranes.

At Hidrarelexperts we have a team of overhead crane maintenance with years of experience in performing all kinds of maintenance, inspection, and repair tasks for all types of overhead cranes: monorail, double-girder, suspended bridge crane, among others.

We offer the highest quality guarantees for our work.